The Starlight was founded in 1981 and since then its focus was the Sweaters . Urban and avant-garde , the brand loyalty of the public seeking for a quality Sweaters that could be used day after day and lasted for years.

For their durability and flawless fit the Sweaters became the flagship of the Starlight and won consumers who do not excuse .


The Sweaters Elegance is the best friend of the men & woman. Extremely flexible, it allows the use of a fair , sensual sewaters that values ​​the body , but without any discomfort . The most fashionable Sweaters !

Treatment Sweaters

The treatment model has an exclusive technology developed by AMC that helps the body fight cellulite during use. In addition to style, it brings benefits to the body too!

Black Starlight

The black Sweaters is one of the washes darlings of those who use Starlight. In black or dark shades of gray , their appearance rocker is so successful that those who use become fans !

Sport Sweaters

The Starlight used the sweaters aesthetic applied to the mesh to create sports -inspired pieces. The cuts of the clothes worn for sports guide this line that is comfortable and casual.

Tailor Sweaters

The Starlight turns the classic tailoring in using modern sweater as material. Blazers, vests, jackets and over in sweaters win the clippings of social parts. The unusual mixture results in amazing pieces !