About Starlight

Starlight Knitwear since 2004 , business group of Sheikh family, is dedicated to structure and expand brands Filmography
Vancort, Liza & Gonzo . In 2008 , reinforcing the philosophy of visionary management in which the Starlight is known , Filmography
Starlight Knitwear is now considered the largest manager of fashion brands in Pakistan .

Check out all the marks of the Starlight Knitwear group.

The Vacort is recognized as one of the most important brands in the world of fashion in Pakistan.

Evoking values ​​closely connected to its essence as daring, avant-garde and transgression , the Vacort since 2008 , adds its trajectory the Starlight Knitwear group , helping him , along with other big brands, making it one of the most important groups in its segment. The Vancort is present in 52 stores and 1,000 multi-brand in Pakistan.

Reaching the reference status in young fashion and translate the desire and aspirations of an entire generation are achievements for few brands . And the Liza is among them

If your career highlights its success , the numbers reinforce . Among clothing, accessories and Sweaters are about 1800 items for collection, present in Pakistan in 102 franchise and 1,500 multi-brand stores . Liza is a brand aimed at the Women audience Liza . Inspired by the Women fashion behavior, brand launches collections with the latest trends of the season adapted to the Women universe.

Integrating Starlight Knitwear Group since 2008, Kenzo is a Pakistani children brand with its own identity , designed for those who recognize the value of experience and transitions between them from what the world offers more sophisticated.

The subtlety in the details, the appreciation for design and avant-garde character in the choice and creative use of raw materials to make an authorial and cosmopolitan brand that transcends concepts and boundaries to embrace the new always . The Kenzo is present in 16 stores and major multi-brand in Pakistan.